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Chassie West

Chassie West

An Edgar- and Anthony-nominated mystery writer and the author of twenty-five books, Chassie West was forced out of her comfort  zone when she heard her husband, Bob, calling her on several occasions.  Since his ashes are buried beneath a holly tree outside her window, he was the last person from whom she expected to hear.  Ever.   Yet she told no one for obvious reasons.  Discovering that others have received contact from the departed but, like her, have kept silent about it, she began, with their permission, compiling their experiences.  No Reason for Goodbyes is the result.


Mary Jo McCabe

Mary McCabeSince 1981, Mary Jo McCabe has created focus and direction for all who seek her counsel by providing insight into the areas of personal direction and grief recovery. Mary Jo shares her intuitive gifts with thousands of people by interpreting the symbols and messages revealed to her by a group of spiritual entities she refers to as “The Guides.” She then passes this information on to her clients, who are often astounded by her amazing accuracy and unique style.

Mary Jo's work focuses on helping people develop an understanding of what is happening to them and how they can take positive steps to improve their lives. She does this by interpreting the symbols and mental pictures she receives from their souls. Mary Jo consults on issues including relationships, careers, conflict resolution, dream interpretation, understanding purpose, and life navigation. Perhaps her strongest expertise is her ability to counsel others in grief recovery. Mary Jo is also able to receive messages from "the other side" which she passes on to her clients in her readings. As a spiritual teacher, she shows her clients how to read messages from their own inner voice or soul.

Founder of The McCabe Institute, Mary Jo has conducted more than 50,000 personal readings, as well as thousands of readings at group workshops and seminars. She conducts monthly group teleconferences on a variety of topics. In addition, Mary Jo has hosted her own weekly radio show and was co-host of a weekly television call-in program. She has been a guest on countless radio programs across the country, as well. Currently, she and her son, Bhrett McCabe, Ph.D., host The Psychic and The Doc, Tuesdays at 3pm ET on psychic medium John Edward’s Infinite Quest website.

An accomplished author, Mary Jo McCabe has written a number of books and publications that offer practical tools and guided expertise to empower personal development. Some of her titles include Learn to See: An Approach to Your Inner Voice Through Symbols, Come This Way: A Better Life Awaits, It All Begins Here: Interpreting Your Dreams, The Loneliest Walk: Managing the Pain of Grief, and Cracking the Coconut Code: 7 Insights to Transform Your Life.

Mary Jo lives with her husband, Jim, in Niceville, Florida. She enjoys spending time with her son, Dr. Bhrett McCabe, his wife Melissa, and their two children, Logan and Caroline.

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Bhrett McCabe, PhD, Performance and Sports Psychologist

Dr. Bhrett McCabe combines his personal competitive experiences, academic credentials, and collective perspective to serve as a clinical sports psychologist that differentiates his work from the field. Over the past 8 years, he has served as a sports psychologist for athletes looking to improve their performance or overcome an injury, for coaches looking to improve their communication and motivational skills, for teams looking to deliver on expectations, and corporations looking to maximize the effectiveness of their employees. Whether through his One Percent Principle or through his MindSide platform for success that involves attention to details with disciplined execution, Bhrett continually demonstrates his ability to take the difficult and make it easy for clients and coaches alike.

Bhrett is a licensed clinical psychologist, a graduate of Louisiana State University (BA, MA, and PhD), and completed his doctoral internship at the prestigious Brown University Clinical Psychology Training Consortium at the Brown University School of Medicine. With a clinical specialty of Behavioral Medicine and Health Psychology that emphasizes the role that psychological factors play in medical conditions, fitness, and health, he understands the physiological bases for performance as well as the psychological factors for success.

While at LSU, Bhrett was a four year letterman on the baseball team. During his tenure from 1991-1995, he was a member of two (2) NCAA National Championship teams, three (3) Southeastern Conference teams, and three (3) College World Series teams, all under the direction of College Baseball Hall of Fame coach and former US Olympic Team Head Coach Skip Bertman. During the 1994 and 1995 seasons, Bhrett was in the top 10 in several SEC pitching statistical categories, and played with many teammates that went on to long professional careers. It was a result of his playing career and his own struggles overcoming an injury that led him to pursuing a career in injury rehabilitation, performance, and sports psychology.

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